A needs assessment in the region of Tuscany showed that the pediatric trauma system was fragmented, poorly developed, and in need of major modifications in order to improve clinical care. The regional pediatric hospital, Anna Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence, was a predominately elective facility which was not able to effectively treat minor or major trauma. In order to improve system logistics and, ultimately, pediatric care in the region, it was decided to create a pediatric trauma center and consolidate all major and minor pediatric trauma patients in the Florence area, as well as all region-wide major or high-grade orthopedic trauma patients, to the Meyer Hospital.


HMFP worked with the regional health system to plan and implement the following critical actions:

  • A physician and nurse training program for Meyer ED physicians and nurses
  • A medical system change at Meyer hospital that focused on the delivery of emergency medical care and included the establishment of 24/7 radiology coverage, orthopedic ambulatory and operative care services, and a workforce trained as EM and trauma specialists
  • The creation and development of a multidisciplinary trauma team
  • Integration of pediatric trauma system into the regional trauma organization

Led by HMFP faculty member, Kevin Ban, MD, and in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Boston, this 4-year project brought about a transformation of Meyer Hospital from a predominantly elective facility to a full-service tertiary care referral center:

  • Through a comprehensive process including early extensive system analysis leading to educational interventions and organizational changes, we built the foundation for the first pediatric trauma center in Italy.
  • In less than three years, we developed a full-service pediatric trauma center and integrated it into the Tuscan adult trauma system.
  • In the 12 months following the trauma center’s launch, we oversaw clinical quality and managed all clinical and administrative aspects of the new trauma system, before seamlessly transitioning management to local leadership