The Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians (MACEP) wanted to revamp its strategic plan. MACEP’s current strategic plan was created in 2006 and had become outdated. Through the design and execution of a new strategic plan, MACEP wanted to:

  • increase member engagement
  • improve internal and external communication initiatives
  • firmly position the organization as a thought leader in emergency medicine

Our Department of Emergency Medicine was tasked with helping to facilitate a strategic meeting, as well as provide analysis and recommendations for shaping the new strategic plan.


Our team worked with MACEP to help create and launch their new strategic focus. Key initiatives included:

  • a review of MACEP’s old strategic plan
  • a review of the member survey sent out by MACEP’s Executive Director
  • pre-planning meetings between our consulting team and MACEP’s Executive Committee
  • facilitation of a strategic planning session with MACEP members and leadership
  • a comprehensive SWOT analysis and report including the main takeaways from the meeting as well as key recommendations for future initiatives including improvement of their communications and social media capabilities

MACEP has successfully created and implemented a new strategic plan and is currently boosting its technology and communications platforms. The new strategic plan will help the organization thrive as the emergency medicine landscape changes during health reform.


“We were fortunate that this team was available to assist us during our strategic planning process. Their guidance and encouragement throughout this process has been the key to the development of our strategic plan as well as our implementation plan. I would strongly recommend that any organization use their services to guide them through the process.”

-Tanya Pearson, MACEP Executive Director