Many of our nurses and faculty members will be speaking in the Harvard Medical School, Department of Continuing Education course entitled: Optimizing Emergency Department Operations and Patient Care through Multidisciplinary Teamwork at the Leadership Level, taking place on May 29 at Waltham Woods Conference Center.

This course is designed to provide current or aspiring emergency department (ED) leaders with the skills they need to run successful departments. The course will highlight the advantages of having mirrored and collaborating physician and nurse leadership teams within the ED management structure. During the course, participants will be taught how to optimize ED operations and improve patient care through effectively-run, multidisciplinary leadership teams. The course addresses specific operational/management issues where nurse-physician collaboration is essential to success, such as streamlining patient care through clinical pathways, managing adverse events, quality assurance/improvement, root cause analysis, disaster management, handling complaints, and working with hospital administration.

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