A four-member team from our Department of Emergency Medicine traveled to Køge, Region Sjælland, Denmark last week to speak at the 1st annual Region Sjælland Emergency Medicine Summit. Sponsored by Region CEO, Lars Onsberg Henriksen, the 2-day summit was attended by hospital and emergency department leaders and clinicians from the four regional hospitals: Slagelse Hospital, Nykøbing Falster Hospital, Holbæk Hospital, and Køge University Hospital. Dr. Dan Brown Petersen, President of the Danish Society of Emergency Medicine, was also an honored guest and speaker.

The HMFP physician and nurse team helped lead discussions on the delivery of high performance emergency medicine, emergency medicine research, the role of the senior physician as supervisor, emergency nursing education and competency training, how a high-performing ED can affect the entire hospital, and lessons learned from the 1-year HMFP/Region Sjælland emergency medicine collaboration.