Effective operational management of the emergency department and the clinical management of ED patients increasingly depend upon the gathering and exchange of information. Successful ED leaders understand the spectrum of operational and clinical data necessary for running a safe and efficient department, as well as the types of informatics tools that are available for gathering and exchanging this information.

Our team has designed and implemented an industry-leading EDIS, “The ED Dashboard,” to manage and communicate clinical information.  Our project team will help you address a variety of ED informatics issues including:

  • Information needs related to clinical management of patients in the ED (electronic patient medical records, diagnostic and lab data, and patient/ data tracking;
  • Information needs related to operational management of the ED (patient volume, flow data, time stamping of actions related to work and patient flow);
  • Computerized provider order entry;
  • Clinical decision support;
  • Integration of real-time communication (PCP notifications, critical value alerts, paging consultants, flags, PCP call-ins, etc.).