Donnino LectureFaculty member Dr. Michael Donnino, MD, Director, Center for Resuscitation Science and Director of Critical Care in Emergency Medicine, BIDMC & Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School, ran a three-day clinical research workshop for 50 attending physicians and researchers at the Université Mohammed VI des Sciences de la Santé (UM6SS) in Casablanca, Morocco, together with researchers Dr. Lars Andersen, MD, MPH, PhD and Dr. Anne Grossestreuer, PhD .

Workshop topics included: identifying clinical research opportunities, developing a research hypotheses from a clinical observation or question, study design, data sources, how to perform a literature search and read critically, basic statistics, advanced statistics, grant writing, clinical trials, manuscript writing, and data presentation best practices. Participants developed specific aims in small group workshops.

The International Projects Division looks forward to future research collaborations with our colleagues at UM6SS.