sweden operations

HMFP Hosts Colleagues from Sweden

Our Department of Emergency Medicine recently hosted a group of emergency medicine colleagues from the Region Skåne, Sweden. It was a pleasure to host our colleagues as well as share ideas regarding the practice of emergency medicine. During their time on campus, our visitors enjoyed presentations on topics such as the optimization and organization of high…


HMFP Conducts 2013 IEDLI Program

Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians is currently participating in the 2013 International Emergency Department Leadership Institute (IEDLI) program in Florence, Italy. IEDLI was created by Harvard Medical School faculty and other international experts in order to provide ED leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to operate successful emergency departments in any part of the…


HMFP travels to Sweden to continue collaboration

Our International Collaborations Director, Robert Freitas, MHA, and Medical Director, Philip Anderson, MD, are currently in the Region Skåne, Sweden assisting our partners and colleagues at Helsingborg Hospital, in an initiative to improve emergency care throughout the Region. During phase 1 of the project, our faculty conducted a needs assessment that analyzed Helsingborg’s emergency department…