Educational Program in Denmark focused on Neurological Emergencies

Recently, Jonathan Edlow, MD, Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, BIDMC, and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, traveled to Region Sjaelland in Denmark to conduct a visiting professor program focused on the management of neurological emergencies. Dr. Edlow is an international expert on topics such as stroke, TIA, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and various causes of weakness…

Tuscan Emergency Medicine Initiative

Tuscan Mobile Simulation

PARTNER CHALLENGE Medical education using high-fidelity simulation is a standard in Tuscan regional medical education programs, but rolling out region-wide access to training at fixed simulation centers presents obvious logistical and economic challenges. The Region of Tuscany and the University of Florence decided to launch a mobile simulation program in order to develop a high-quality…
TEMSI Case Study

Tuscan EMS Initiative

PARTNER CHALLENGE A needs assessment in the region of Tuscany showed that skills training amongst non-physician pre-hospital workers (“rescuers”) was not standardized. In order to improve rescuer preparedness and, ultimately, pre-hospital patient care in the region, a joint collaboration between our Department of Emergency Medicine and the University of Florence, Italy, was formed, and named the Tuscan…
NEWS Google Glass Photo

Google Glass the BIDMC Emergency Department

Wearable technology is the wave of the future and The Boston Globe sees that wave cresting at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Steven Horng, MD, attending physician in our Department of Emergency Medicine, is featured in The Globe’s “Game Changers” list for his role in leading the introduction of Google Glass into the emergency department.…

Pediatric Trauma System

Meyer Pediatric Hospital, Italy

PARTNER CHALLENGE A needs assessment in the region of Tuscany showed that the pediatric trauma system was fragmented, poorly developed, and in need of major modifications in order to improve clinical care. The regional pediatric hospital, Anna Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence, was a predominately elective facility which was not able to effectively treat minor or major… Details
Tuscan Emergency

Tuscan Emergency System, Italy

PARTNER CHALLENGE A needs assessment conducted of the Tuscan emergency system revealed a resource-rich, well-developed system that lacked formal training in emergency medicine. This lack of training resulted in variability of emergency care delivery between hospital EDs and within individual EDs. Regional healthcare leaders saw the need to move towards adoption of a model in… Details
BIDMC Hospital

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)

PARTNER CHALLENGE Critically-ill medical patients arriving to an emergency department can be time consuming and resource intensive. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) wanted to better serve these patients by providing them with diagnosis and treatment faster and more efficiently. Our faculty was tasked with the goal of developing a system that would decrease time of… Details
st vincent hospital

Saint Vincent Hospital

PARTNER CHALLENGE Saint Vincent Hospital’s emergency department sees over 60,000 patients annually in its 38-bed facility. With approximately 165 patient visits every day, the emergency department was struggling with ‘door to doctor’ times as high as 80 minutes and ‘left without being seen’ rates as high as 8%. Leadership was determined to increase operational efficiency… Details