We are proud to announce that 32 oral abstracts and ePosters will be presented by our faculty at this week’s SAEM in San Diego.


Presenting Author Author List Title
Robert D. McArthur Robert D. McArthur, Maura Kennedy, Steven Lampert, Maile Blackburn, Gregory J. Lopez, Kathleen C. Grueter, Howard S. Gold, David S. Yassa, Richard E. Wolfe, Carrie D. Tibbles Long term impact of an Emergency Department Cellulitis Pathway on Admission Rates, Length of Stay and Bouncebacks
Emily Senecal Miller Emily Senecal Miller, Jonathan Fisher and others Initial Usage of the National Board of Medical Examiners Emergency Medicine Advanced Clinical Examination
Danielle E. Day Danielle E. Day, Slava Kogan, Victor Novack, Leon D. Sanchez, Richard E. Wolfe, Nathan I. Shapiro, Daniel J. Henning. Assessing The Added Value Of Inflammatory And Endothelial Biomarkers For Differentiating Infectious From Noninfectious Causes Of Abnormal Vital Signs
Maura Kennedy Utilizing Medicare Data in Emergency Medicine Research
Elizabeth M. Foley Elizabeth M. Foley, Jonathan Burstein, Richard E. Wolfe, Jonathan A. Edlow, Shamai A. Grossman Utility of Procedural Sedation as a Marker for Quality Assurance in Emergency Medicine
Leslie Bilello Nicole Dubosh, Leslie Bilello, Jonathan Fisher, Jason Lewis, Edward Ullman Fourth-Year Medical Students Do Not Perform a Focused Physical Exam During a Case-Based Simulation Scenario
Michael W. Donnino Michael W. Donnino, Lars W. Andersen, Maureen Chase, Katherine M. Berg, Tyler Giberson, Howard Smithline, Mark Tidswell, Richard Wolfe , Michael N. Cocchi Thiamine as a Metabolic Resuscitator in Septic Shock – a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Pilot Trial
Michael W. Donnino Michael W. Donnino, Sharri J. Mortensen, Lars W. Andersen, Maureen Chase, Katherine M. Berg, Julia Balkema, Jeejabai Radhakrishnan , Raúl J. Gazmuri, Xiaowen Liu, Michael N. Cocchi Ubiquinol (Reduced Coenzyme Q0) in Patients with Severe Sepsis or Septic Shock – a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Pilot Trial
Ritu Sarin NA From the ED to the Field: Educating a new generation of disaster responders
(Kathyrn Volz) Kathryn Volz, Gary Horowitz, Daniel Henning, Leon Sanchez Changes in ED laboratory utilization impacts inpatient lab ordering practices
Lars W. Andersen Lars W. Andersen, Katherine Berg,Brian Z. Saindon , Joseph M. Massaro , Tia T. Raymond, Robert A. Berg, Vinay M. Nadkarni, and Michael W. Donnino Time to Epinephrine and Mortality Following Pediatric In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Emily Senecal Miller Emily Senecal Miller, Jonathan Fisher and others National Board of Medical Examiners Advanced Clinical Examination 2014 Post-Examination Survey Results
Maureen Chase Maureen Chase, Xiaowen Liu, Lars Andersen, Julia lkema, Christopher Sulmonte, Michael N. Cocchi, Michael W. Donnino, Do Emergency Department Patients with Influenza have a Distinct Metabolomic Profile?
Ritu R. Sarin Ritu R. Sarin, Mick Molloy, Gregory R. Ciottone Analysis of State-Level Guidance on the Implementation of Crisis Standards of Care in Hospitals in the United States
Ronald Lavoie Ronald Lavoie, Oren Mechanic, Daniel Willner, Richard E Wolfe, Nathan I Shapiro, Carrie Tibbles, Shamai A Grossman Utilizing the Boston Syncope Management Observation Pathway to reduce hospital admission and decrease adverse outcomes
Bjorn K. Fabian-Jessing Bjorn K. Fabian-Jessing, Michael J. Massey, Michael R. Filbin, Peter C. Hou, Hans Kirkegaard, Henry E. Wang, Donald M. Yealy, John A. Kellum, Derek C. Angus, and Nathan I. Shapiro The Use of Sidestream Dark Field Imaging to Quantify Leukocyte Rolling and Adhesion
Matthew Wong N/A Osler Would’ve Done an Ultrasound Fellowship
Jason Lewis Jason Lewis, Nicole Dubosh, Carlo Rosen, Nicole Bagg, Maile Blackburn, Jonathan Fisher, Edward Ullman The influence of didactic interview dates on residents matched at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency
Oren J Mechanic Oren J Mechanic, Daniel Willner, Ronald Lavoie, Richard E. Wolfe, Nathan I. Shapiro, Carrie Tibbles, Shamai A. Grossman Improving the Utility of ED Observation in Identifying an Etiology of Syncope
Terrance Lee Terrance Lee, Peter Smulowitz, Maura Kennedy, Gregory Lopez, Lihini Keenawinna, Maile Blackburn, Osama Hay, Richard Wolfe, Carrie Tibbles A Novel ED Observation Pathway for DKA Decreases Length of Stay and Hospital Charges
Jeremy Carey Jeremy Carey, Eric Stashko, Nathan I. Shapiro, Carrie D. Tibbles, Robin Levenson, Carlo L. Rosen The Potential Use of appendix ultrasound to reduce Abdominal CT Scanning
Matthew Wong Matthew Wong, Beatrice Hoffmann A Bayesian Interpretation of Cardiac Standstill in Cardiac Arrest
Maureen Chase Maureen Chase, Xiaowen Liu, Christopher Sulmonte, Julia lkema, Parth Patel, Michael Michalczyk, Mary MacDonald, Lars W. Andersen, Sharri J. Mortensen, David Toomey, Michael N. Cocchi, Michael W. Donnino Can We Use Statins to Treat Acute Influenza? : Targeting the Host Inflammatory Response
Michael Stoker Michael Stoker, Kathyrn Volz, Emily Kaplan, Leon Sanchez The Effect of Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessments on Clinical Practice
Michael Donnino Michael Donnino, Katherine Berg, Maureen Chase, Lars W. Andersen, Peter Zimetbaum, Donald Cutlip, Howard Smithline, Robert Sherwin, Parth Patel, and Michael Cocchi Hydrocortisone for the Treatment of Post-cardiac Arrest Shock:
A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Mathias J. Holmberg Mathias J. Holmberg, Lars W. Andersen, Sophia Montissol, Meredith Hurley, Maureen Chase, Michael Cocchi, Michael Donnino, Xiaowen Liu Mitochondrial Function in Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients
Joseph House Joseph House , Nicole Dubosh, Todd Peterson, Sally Santeen, Nicholas Kman, Aimee Blagovich, Sorabh Khandelwal Are the Medical Student Emergency Medicine Milestones Taught and Assessed in Clerkships?
Leslie Bilello Nicole Dubosh, Leslie Bilello, Jonathan Fisher, Jason Lewis, David Schoenfeld, Edward Ullman Assessment of Medical Student Milestones in Emergency Medicine Using Case-Based Simulation
Maura Kennedy Maura Kennedy, Sarah P. Tadiri, Richard A. Enander, Richard E. Wolfe, Edward R. Marcantonio Nathan I. Shapiro How accurate are emergency physicians and nurses in assessing delirium motoric subtypes and delirium superimposed on dementia?
Kiersten Gurley Kiersten Gurley, Shamai A Grossman, Richard E Wolfe, Jonathan Edlow, Jonathan Burstein Patient Complaints may be more Indicative of Physician Error than Physician Complaints
Ed Ullman Ed Ullman, David Schoenfeld, Carrie Tibbles, Jon Fisher Use of Simulation in Resident Evaluation Using Emergency Medicine Milestones
Joshua Solano David T. Chiu, Joshua Solano, Jonathan Fisher Assessment of Post-Graduate Year Level and Unscheduled 72 Hour Return in the Emergency Department